Sunday, 9 March 2008

Local Elections in Brittany

Taken from Nationalia:

Out of all the autonomist parties in the historical region of Brittany, which comprises the région of Brittany and the Loire-Atlantique département, Union Démocratique Bretonne (UDB, Breton Democratic Union) tends to attract the largest share of the vote, usually in coalition with other leftist parties, especially the Green Party.

UDB currently has one regional councillor and several town councillors but no mayors.

The party advocates the reunification of Brittany and devolution of powers to the region.Parti Breton – Strollad Breizh (Breton Party) is also presenting candidates for election. Following in the footsteps of nationalist parties in other European nations, such as Scotland or Catalonia, the Breton Party’s motto is ‘An emancipated and unified Brittany’.

Other noteworthy Breton parties include the secessionist and socialist Emgann (Battle) and the Parti Fédéraliste de Bretagne (Federalist Party of Brittany).

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