Sunday, 21 March 2010

44 = BZH

The 'Fresque Humaine' was a great success as can be seen from the aerial photo.

2000 citizens turned out to take part and to spell out, with their rain soaked bodies, that department 44, Loire-Atlantic, is part of Brittany.

To give Cornish readers some idea of the situation. Imagine if part of North Cornwall had been hived off administratively and attached to Devonshire (Plymouth). Could we muster as much support to protect Kernow's territorial integrity?

Apart from a minor incident between anti-fascist Breton militants and a handful of neo-nazis from Adsav and Young Brittany, they day was peaceful and productive.


John F said...

It almost happened, with "Tamarside", an attempt to turn South East Cornwall into a suburb of Plymouth, in the 70s or 80s, can't remember which

francois said...

It was a great turnout but just the yesterday 4000 individuals gathered in Rennes (Roazhon) for a sort of giant picnic- You have to keep positive about this sort of thing, progress is made and so on- but Bretons need to get their priorities right!


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