Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Thoughts on direct action from Brittany


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The return of Agence Bretagne Presse

Many visitors to this blog will be aware of the Brittany based independent news website Agence Bretagne Presse. Indeed, in the past, I've blogged about ABP, shared their articles via social media and placed their news feeds on my blogs.

Last year the UDB, and others, requested that their press releases not be featured on ABP. This greatly surprised me until I discovered their motivation. In fact, as well as a multitude of interesting articles in Breton, French and English from a wealth of sources, ABP also regularly published press releases from far-right and fascist Breton organisations such as Adsav, Jeune Bretagne and Ti Breizh (both parts of the Bloc Indentitaire). Their philosophy seemed to be that if you were a Breton political or cultural organisation, no matter of what political persuasion, you could use their site to publish press releases and promote your ideals. The UDB felt that they didn't want their material on the same site as, or in anyway connected to, the Breton far-right and so asked not to be published on ABP.

In agreement with the UDB, but not wanting to make much fuss, I simply and quietly removed my links to  Agence Bretagne Presse from my blogs. There was no way I wanted people, in a couple of clicks, navigating to the website of Jeune Bretagne. Equally press releases from fascists were not welcome in feeds on my blogs.

After an exchange of emails with someone from ABP I've been assured that the majority of directors that control the site have decided against featuring the far-right on ABP for the foreseeable future. It is with some satisfaction then that I will once again link to their usually superb news website.


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