Monday, 26 February 2018

Stourm ar Brezhoneg (English Subtitles)

Stourm ar Brezhoneg (English version) from Hugo Massa on Vimeo. A documentary on some of the grassroots initiatives that keeps the Breton language and culture alive in Northern Finistere. Entirely directed and produced by Hugo Massa.

"Stourm ar Brezhoneg - The Struggle for The Breton Language" highlights the daily fight of independent citizens and community-based organizations for the saving of the linguistic heritage of Brittany.

The usage of Breton has declined for the past 200 years, as have the other minority languages in France. The total population of Breton speakers has been divided by ten since the last century. Its decline stands among the fastest in France. The common memory of the repression of the language, mainly led by the public schools of the French Republic, reminds us the relative recentness of the imposition of French as the sole and unique national language.

After having exposed some of the reasons that explain the decline of the language - including the acceptation by the Breton speakers of the "worthlessness" of their language under cultural an economic pressures - the film reviews some of the meaningful characters and community initiatives that have participated, since the 1970s, to the revival of the language. These characters from the Northern Breton region of Finister all share the pride of having contributed to the renewal of the family transmission of the language and to the reversal of the Breton "negative identity".

Through this case, the film aims to demonstrates the possibilities of creative community organization and mobilization around issues relating to the intangible heritage in jeopardy.

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