Saturday, 9 February 2019

Cornwall is dead

If things aren't turned around our future will be nothing but the memory of a people that once existed, a memory of a society that, little by little, went to nothing amongst the great sameness. So it will happen to Brittany that which has happened to Cornwall, swallowed as it was by London, despite the fact that later the people voted the strongest for Brexit, why so?

Ma ne vo ket cheñchet penn d'ar vazh e vo hon dazont nemet memor ur bobl bet bev, memor ur gevredigezh aet tamm-ha-tamm da get e-touez an heñvelded meur. C'hoarvezout a rayo gant Breizh pezh a zo c'hoarvezet gant Kerne-Veur a zo be lonket gant Londrez en desped d'an dud o dues votet, war-lerc'h, ar muiañ evit ar Brexit, perak 'ta ?

The above is translated from the Breton original which can be found in the opinion piece written by GG Gwen in issue 713 of the Breton language newspaper Ya ! It is one example of what can be read about Cornwall in Breton media / social media at the current time. The thinking is along the lines of:  Cornwall is dead - totally absorbed by greater London - nothing but a Celtic fossil - only of use and consideration as a warning for Brittany to change its ways. Some academics, in the very laudable effort to discuss the future of Brittany, have even gone so far as to coin the term Cornwallisation to describe the death of traditional Breton culture. Take the below as an example which can be found in Le Peuple Breton.

There verdict is severe: " a process of 'cornwallisation' is in operation, a neologism used to describe the change suffered by that British region henceforth integrated into the catchment area of greater London and which has lost its original identity. Without a rapid reaction regarding this change, Brittany, as a distinct entity, will also be dissolved.

Leur verdict est sévère : « Un processus de « cornouaillisation » est à l’œuvre , néologisme utilisé pour décrire l’évolution subie par cette région britannique désormais intégrée au bassin du grand Londres et qui a perdu son identité originale. Sans réaction rapide à cette évolution, la Bretagne se diluera aussi en tant qu’entité particulière ».

Have any of our Breton 'friends' seen fit to write anything anywhere criticising this insulting use of the name of our country? Some time ago, I posted about this situation on the Brenow Facebook page, a place dedicated to promoting links between Brittany and Cornwall. Have any of our Cornish academics or leading lights of the Cornish movement made the slightest effort to defend our honour? 

It's not much but I'll be cancelling my subscription to Ya ! and the Peuple Breton won't be picking up the relay. I'd advise anybody who cares to do the same and explain why. 


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